Why Body By Bria?

To get results, you need to think out of the box, change your lifestyle, and really want tp put in the work and extra effort. If you are ready to take the leap. Body by Bria will get you there!

Body by Bria will provide you the tools and motivation. We will help you adapt and make you accountable. Doing what isn’t in your set routine can be difficult. We will give you small goals to work on each day and week to achieve you overall goal.

Mental and Physical Toughness; Body by Bria won’t be easy on you. It take GRIT to get results. We may hurt your feelings, or push you like you have never been pushed. But we do it because we care about you, we know you can give more effort, and we know what it takes to lose those irritating pounds.

We Are Fun! You won’t get bored. We bring music, we change your routines, and we crack jokes. With the amount of time we spend with our clients, we end up developing lasting friendships.

Results; we perform initial assessments and then assessments every 8 weeks. We want to show you your results. Or we may need to make adjustments to get better results. We are committed to you, clients can reach out to us 24/7 by text, phone, or email to make sure you stay consistent.

We bring the equipment to you. Body by Bria carries dumbbells, bands, TRX trainers, medicine balls, kettlebells, boxing gloves, battling ropes, mats, jump ropes and sliders. We will train you anywhere and at any time. We do private training or group training and we work with beginners to the most fit. We meets clients at their house to train in there basement, backyard, driveway, and even in the family living room. We have train people in parks, at the Philadelphia Art Museum steps, and even some local gyms.

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  • Paulina J. Huntingdon Valley, Pa
  • Galina K. Jamison, Pa
  • What sets Tony a part from many people is his connection he has with his clients. He inspires on a daily basis through text messages, during his workouts, and answers any questions you may have at ANY TIME! I could be looking at a piece of pizza and somehow, some way, I get a text message from Tony reminding me not to put trash in my mouth.
  • Best trainer ever! Fun and hard workout!
  • Tony is the best of the best. Very dedicated and passionate about what he does. Tony motivates his clients to go above and beyond there capabilities.
  • Best in the biz. Period.
  • Very professional personal training service. Keeps me highly motivated and accountable. First personal trainer I've had that offers a truly comprehensive package of nutrition and fitness! Highly recommend.
  • Life changing experience. Very professional. Highly recommended!!!