Value: a person’s principles or standard of behavior; ones judgement of what is important in life.

At The Bria Method we have high standards. We expect the best from our clients and our clients expect nothing but the best from us.  Values are the basic standards that guide us as to work hard and make smart decisions on a daily basis.

It is our goal to make our clients dream become reality. We do that on a daily basis. We treat our clients as family and we practice what we preach. At the end of the day, we motivate our clients so we need to live to the standard our clients need to develop.

Determination: We are determined to make dreams a reality; through hard work, dedication and self-discipline. With effort and commitment, anything is possible. We strive to be the best by putting our clients first by delivering exceptional service.

  • Seth M Richboro, Pa
  • Beth H. Jamison, Pa
  • Larry K Richboro, Pa
  • Tim C.
  • Paulina J. Huntingdon Valley, Pa
  • Galina K. Jamison, Pa
  • What sets Tony a part from many people is his connection he has with his clients. He inspires on a daily basis through text messages, during his workouts, and answers any questions you may have at ANY TIME! I could be looking at a piece of pizza and somehow, some way, I get a text message from Tony reminding me not to put trash in my mouth.
  • Best trainer ever! Fun and hard workout!
  • Tony is the best of the best. Very dedicated and passionate about what he does. Tony motivates his clients to go above and beyond there capabilities.
  • Best in the biz. Period.
  • Very professional personal training service. Keeps me highly motivated and accountable. First personal trainer I've had that offers a truly comprehensive package of nutrition and fitness! Highly recommend.
  • Life changing experience. Very professional. Highly recommended!!!