About The Bria Method

Tony has been in the gym since the 8th Grade. From day one, Tony had a natural passion for weight lifting and training. His main focus was becoming faster and stronger to compete in high school and college sports. Tony quickly distinguished in the weight room and on the field for his accomplishments. He also took an active role in coaching others coaches. Tony became hooked on healthy lifestyle, fitness, and eating healthy.

In college Tony play football where he was an All-PSAC running back. He was a leader in the weight lifting room, benched and power cleaned over 300lbs, squatted over 400 and was pound for pound the strongest guy in the room. During his college years, he studied Sports Management, where he took classes in Kinesiology, Strength Training, Personal Nutrition, Anatomy and became an ACE certified personal trainer.

Tony took his first job as a personal trainer at a rehab facility helping injured athletes and everyday normal people get stronger and recover from injuries. People for years had asked to workout with him and for fitness and nutrition advice. The rest is history, Tony took the leap and started his own fitness company The Bria Method.

As a fitness expert, Tony has an impressive track record for getting “results!”  He believes this is a results driven world so Tony’s main focus is results and making sure clients know they are getting results. What makes a good trainer is being able to read your clients and help them develop a practical way to make the changes necessary to get results. Not everyone ticks the same way.

Tony believes in the basics. Two words he lives by when it comes to health and fitness are consistency and discipline. It takes discipline to consistently eat well and not skip workouts. His workout programs are balanced and include all components of fitness. Under The Bria Method, Tony has helped over 80 clients work towards getting results from stay-at-home moms, high school and college athletes, triathletes, and obesely overweight people lose up to 70lbs.

Our Mission

The Bria Method is committed to its clients. Our goal is results, to get results we need to teach our clients a new lifestyle. Balance and consistency are our keys to overall health and fitness. We take pride delivering complete workouts and workout programs.